Sue Merryfull

Sales Consultant

A little about me

Sue Merryfull brought her eight years of real estate experience, sales background and cheerful, lively personality when she became a part of the Assets Real Estate family in 2010. Since joining the Portland office as a sales consultant, Sue has sold and bought countless homes and been committed to helping clients achieve their aspirations.

As well as getting the best deal for her clients’ homes, Sue follows up on the sale to make sure everything goes smoothly and her clients are fulfilled with their experience. She contacts buyers and vendors to negotiate the best deal for both parties. Sue’s outgoing, energetic personality means she enjoys interacting with her clients, and they feel as comfortable with her as they would a trusted friend.

As a member of Portland’s community, Sue cares about the people and giving back. She is happily married with three children and their family dog. As a real estate agent, Sue appreciates seeing people come to Portland to enjoy the tranquil lifestyle.

Buy or sell with Sue – buy or sell with confidence.


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