Coleen Rhook

Sales Assistant

A little about me

Coleen Rhook has been a devoted employee of Assets Real Estate since the early 2000s. Her radiant personality and previous career in customer service gave her the skills to immediately fit into the Assets family. She started as a receptionist in the Portland office, before moving her way into sales a few years later. Since then Coleen has had experience in every aspect of sales, and her consistency, dedication and sunny perspective has led her to become an excellent sales assistant.

Coleen’s daily agenda includes booking appointments and inspections, making sure her agents’ schedules are organised, assisting with appraisals and making sure all paperwork is complete. Her reliability and helpful attitude assures clients they will get committed agents and will always be up to date on their properties.

Coleen grew up in Melbourne but decided Portland was where she wanted to raise her two children. Over 30 years later, Coleen and her husband now live on a property outside of town with their pet cat and pet lambs.

Coleen takes pride in her community, family, and work, where each day brings new challenges and opportunities.


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